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What is Teplok???

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What’s Teplok? teplok is the name of old lamp in Indonesian Language. We chose this name based on its function to light in the darkness. Teplok is used when the blackout happens. Nowadays there’s so many people still using it. It helps people to light houses in the darkness cheaply and so simple.

The simplicity and its advantages became our philosophy. We want to light everyone with our simplicity so that we can light the world together. One of activities we’re doing is to tell good news to everyone. Because we think that this is the most simple way to contribute for this world going better.

Teplok was formally formed on September 2007 by some students of agriculture faculty of Lambung Mangkurat University in Banjarbaru. You can see their profile and the history at Teplok Crew post bellow.

Thanks for visiting our blog and let’s join us to tell good news to everyone! We’ll light you as we can!!!!


Teplok Crew

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These are the people behind Teplok. I will introduce them all one by one. First I wanna introduce the coolest member named Janar Kisah (the one holding a guitar on the pic). According to his story, his name means “The Story of 4th January” taken from the translation of Kisah (Story) and Janar (Januari Arba = Arba means 4 in arabic so they mean 4th January), it’s his birth day. The Second one, the cutest of all (LOL) named Dicky Arsandi Sazali, he’s the money manager in Teplok. He’s responsible in our cash flow.

Then the boy wearing white uniform, the leader of teplok, has tons experiences in organization and the winner of chemistry science contest for Marabahan region (I competed with him and perfectly lost, hahahaha). His name is Dedy Safriasyah, the one who manages Teplok movement.

And the last it’s myself, Buyung Al amin, the only ordinary member of Teplok but I’m responsible to manage this blog so I’m included in important member in Teplok (heheehe).

Actually we have a founder named Iman (I don’t know exactly his sure name). He’s the most important one in Teplok, he’s our teacher, our motivator and our mentor. thanks for him so much!

These are Us! Hope you’ll enjoy the time with us, thanks for everything and let’s light the world!

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Teplok needs your help to buy stuff in wish list. Those stuff will be used to optimize this blog as a good news spreader. Care to share? You may donate through this account:

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a.n Buyung Al amin
Bank BNI Cab. Unlam Banjarmasin

Or Via Paypal : rexaf_archelos@yahoo.com.sg

Thanks so much for sharing!